AG Safety Training

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AG Safety Training?

AG Safety Training is a training series dedicated to creating quality, thorough agriculture safety courses. We have been in the safety industry for over fifteen years, meaning we’re experts in safety. We provide online courses so that safety training isn’t a chore, but an engaging learning experience.

What is in your agriculture safety trainings?

Our agriculture safety trainings offer detailed information about the many hazards present on industrial farms.

Heavy Machinery: Our heavy machinery trainings typically include instructions on how to conduct a pre-shift inspection, how to maximize the stability of the machine, and how to safely complete standard operations.

Awareness: Our awareness trainings will vary widely depending on the topic but will likely include information on how to recognize the risk, ways to eliminate the risk when possible, and how to react if the risk becomes a present threat.

Why do I need agricultural training?

According to the CDC, about 100 agricultural workers suffer a lost-work-time injury a day. The agriculture industry is one of the most dangerous. To protect yourself or your employees from injury or death, training is necessary. What many people label as a “freak accident” is usually due to employee negligence or lack of training. By learning the risks associated with the duties of the job being performed, as well as understanding how to mitigate these risks, these freak accidents won’t happen on your farm.

By preventing accidents, safety training not only reduces the risk of lives lost, but also reduces the risk of fines for the organization or employer. Between hospital bills and the opportunity cost of lost work days, it’s worth it to invest in safety.

What types of trainings does AG Safety offer?

AG Safety offers many types of trainings, including heavy machinery and awareness courses. We range from online safety courses about tractors to confined spaces to heat and cold stress. We recognize that the agricultural industry is multifaceted and contains many everyday hazards, and we have trainings to address each one.

How long can I expect an AG Safety Training course to take?

Our online courses typically take between one to three hours to complete.

How long is my AG Safety Training good for?

Best practice is to receive safety trainings every three years. After completing an AG Safety Training course, you will receive a printable certificate and wallet card that is good for up to three years following your certification.

What causes the most agricultural injuries a year?

Most injuries in the agricultural industry come from traveling, specifically tractor rollovers. There are about 130 deaths caused by tractor rollovers annually. Other common hazards are runovers, entanglements in moving parts, and asphyxiation due to confined space entry. 

There are other training programs out there. Why should I choose AG Safety Training?

What sets us apart from others is that our trainings are designed with the reader in mind. Rather than writing a quick course that covers the bare minimum information, our trainings are detailed and thorough. However, we don't waste time giving information that is unnecessary or overly complicated. Here at AG Safety Training, we are passionate about ensuring that those who take our trainings come out ready to face any hazards they may encounter. 

What is the benefit of receiving AG Safety Trainings?

Of course, the biggest benefit to receiving safety training is simply being prepared for any hazardous scenario you may encounter. Being prepared for these hazardous scenarios will help you avoid workplace injury and costly damage to machinery and property. However, if a situation does arise that results in a workplace injury, a certificate of proper training helps the safety and health inspector understand the situation and will likely help the farm to avoid hefty fines.

What makes AG Safety Training qualified to produce agricultural safety trainings?

We have been in the safety industry for over fifteen years. In addition to our hands-on knowledge and experience, we conduct thorough research while making each training to ensure that it is up to date with current standards and that it provides accurate safety information.

I don’t see the AG Safety Training I need. Can I request a training?

Here at AG Safety, we are passionate about ensuring that those who take our trainings come out ready to face any hazards they may encounter. Though we are experienced safety professionals, we still conduct extensive research on safety standards to ensure the information you are getting is up-to-date and accurate. Our trainings are affordable but of the highest quality possible.

Is AG Safety Training affiliated with OSHA?

AG safety training is not connected with the governing body of OSHA. We are simply committed to making OSHA standards simple and affordable.

Are AG Safety Trainings OSHA-compliant?

All AG Safety Trainings are OSHA compliant. All pertinent OSHA standards are listed and discussed in our safety courses. If OSHA standards change, we quickly edit our material to ensure that they follow the most recent standards provided.

What OSHA standards does AG Safety Training cover?

While OSHA offers limited standards specifically addressing the agriculture industry, our trainings cover everything that they do say. We supplement the rest with general industry standards from OSHA and other nationally recognized safety organizations.