AG Safety Training

About Us

We are dedicated to providing you with easy and affordable compliant OSHA safety training solutions to help you stay safe on the job. We are an online provider for agricultural safety trainings, which means lower costs and less stress for you. Our trainings are in-depth and easy to follow, and our wide range of courses means that this is your one-stop destination for all things safety!

Value Statement

We aren't just your run-of-the-mill folks, but with an intense desire to become the best we can be and to help you get the best you deserve. We are learners and teachers and learners evermore. We are fiercely independent yet humbly dependent. We expect from ourselves and others honesty, kindness, understanding, and gratitude. We strive to be aware of others’ needs and to be accessible so that we can fulfill them. And we are hyper-focused on delivering more than expected. We want you to feel comfortable turning to us again and again for any help you may need as you work tirelessly to create a safe work environment and achieve ultimate OSHA compliance.

Vision Statement

To help companies eradicate accidents and fatalities through consistent in-depth training and the establishment of an engaging safety culture.

Purpose Statement

Our goal is to make safety training easy and affordable. Our online trainings are meant to save time and money for you.

Customer Satisfaction

 We have an in-house support team to help you with all of your training needs. Our customer satisfaction is based on these three core values:


We offer training that complies with the most current U.S. and Canada standards. We also offer CalOSHA-specific trainings for our customers in California. If you don’t see what you need in our catalog, we take training requests as well.


Our LMS and online trainings are easy to navigate. We do the research and design work to make training your employees as simple as possible without sacrificing quality.


We offer robust training solutions that will cover all your safety needs at a price you can afford. In a time when safety training keeps getting shorter, we keep adding to ours to make it more comprehensive.

Business Partners

AG Safety Training is a proud business partner of Hard Hat Training Company. With 15-years experience in safety training, we are a one-stop shop for all things, agriculture, construction, and medical safety.
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Authorized Resellers

Along with partnering with Hard Hat Training Company and Med Safety, AG Safety Training resells its training courses through authorized resellers. Other resellers for AG Safety Training are listed below. See what trainings our resellers offer!